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If you want to convert YouTube to MP4, first download videos in different file formats on your PC, then simply click on the respective link below to download in your chosen format. We recommend that you change this option if you are using an older version than Windows 10 (Windows 8 or earlier). We recommend that you download files in AVI format.

After downloading, double-click on it to open the folder in WAV or MP3 format and extract the audio track (mp3 or WAV) as well. If your system does not support both WAV and mp3 format, then go to File > Save As… > Choose from there and change it to “AVI” format for convenience. In order to listen to the newly converted song, simply right-click on the sound and select Convert Audio. When the conversion process finishes, you should see some options appear, which help you find the best quality video and music according to your preferences. There are also many other settings through which you can adjust the settings that you want in your new playlist. The downloaded file should look like this:

Video Conversion Tool

The following is how we convert the downloaded file into our desired format; please follow all the instructions carefully if any errors are found.

Downloaded Audio Recording Files (mp3 & WAV): These files are extracted from your downloaded audio tracks file.

1st step

Click on Extract Audio from Clip > Select Source Clip. You will get all the necessary information about it.

2nd Step

Select WAV and MP3 respectively

3rd Step

In case there is no output WAV or mp3 file, just use one file name

4th Step

Paste the source clip URL (from the above steps) in the search box of YouTube Music Player to start

We recommend that you make sure to click on the Download button before running.

Afterward – This process starts automatically with the selected file size and format for your computer. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to complete the whole conversion, depending upon whether you are installing the third-party add-on software like YTD Video Converter PRO or Windows Media Player Extension. However, it will take a bit more time if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of how these tools work.

Before quitting the program, please make sure to copy the address bar and paste your downloaded file manually, just in case you encounter any issues after changing the settings. Do NOT delete the copied file; instead, write down what the original folder structure looks like and where did the duplicate file get. Also note that sometimes when importing WAV or mp3 files, you may hear or even see error messages like “No enough sample files”. Try adding your own samples and click OK after that will solve the issue.

Next, after saving the folder, now move the file to the same location you transferred the first two files where you will see the results in the bottom left corner. Then if you want to share the data with others, just upload them from the official site, and they can access it anytime.


What is the difference between MP3 and WAV formats?

There is no doubt about that there are many differences between WAV and mp3 formats, but generally speaking, both audio formats are similar in terms of how the same kind of file can be saved and how to transfer it to a PC.

Can I convert YouTube audio to MP4?

Yes, the standard library of free plugins will allow you to convert audio to audio and vice versa. But here in this article, we will use the YouTube Video Downloader tool that supports both MP3 and WAV formats.

Does YouTube Video Downloader support multiple languages?

Youtube’s website doesn’t provide us with specific details regarding the language of its user interface. Let’s assume that English is your primary language and you prefer to save the YouTube audio file in your native language. In this case, you can easily set up the required language and pick it whenever you need. Please let me know whatever information you may have.

How do I upload my YouTube audio file to my computer’s media player?

The simplest method in the world to convert YouTube Audio file or WAV format to MP3 or WAV format and play this format on your computer is to export it to MP3 or WAV format, install a YouTube Video Recorder application on your PC and enable it to accept either MP3 or WAV format. After that, you can send it to the browser through YTD Video Recorder app to view. Before the last step, you will need to specify the destination folder where the compressed file will be saved. Once done, you can watch any given YouTube video online from anywhere in the world.


YouTube Video Downloader is intended for Windows, Linux, and Mac users only, with a license fee of $13.95/month or less, or the “Youtube Premium” trial period. You may also choose another subscription plan in the future, such as “Youtube Extra” (which will be provided by the youtube service provider after payment) or “Youtube Standard”.


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